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HerbFest .....A Healthy Lifestyle Festival
Herbs & Perennials

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Organic Vegetables and Herbs

    We've just posted the first of 9 videos on the use of herbs and history of Herbfest to help educate our customers on the herbs. Video little grainy but does have some information you may find helpful.

    First three videos deal with how Herbfest started, what it's about and third one on why use organic seeds for our organic herbs and vegetables.

 Some of The Herbs Offered:
     Below are examples of some of the herbs we have offered at previous herbfests.  This is by no means all inclusive as many broad groups such as "rosemary" may actually be comprised of 10 different varieties but just to give you an idea of what to expect.  Also we try to add in as many unusual rare herbs as we can find each day of the herbfest although those herbs are usually limited to no more than 90 plants each day. 
French Tarragon
Lavender Cotton
Pineapple Sage
Lamb's Ear
Summer Savory
Pineapple Mint
Chocolate Mint
Salad Burnet
Orange Mint
Lime Mint
Kentucky Colonel Mint
Sweet Woodruff
Holland Bulbs
Apple mint

                                            Premiering Use of Organic Pots 
  Herbfest, 2007 was one of the first plant sales in the U.S. to use biodegradable containers for our herb plants. These environmentally friendly sustainable containers insure your food, seasoned with our herbs, provides a healthy option for you.   In 2008 our grower, John Wrenn, obtained USDA certification for his organic growing methods and processing. 

   HerbFest 2008 will feature certified organic herbs and certified organic vegetables grown from organic seeds.  We strive to continue to emphasize our goal of being a healthy lifestyle festival for those attending.

   We continue to work with our growers to produce biodegradable and plantable pots to minimize your efforts and also to restore nutrients to our soils.


   What do I do with all these Herbs, Holland Bulbs and Perennials?

    That's a common question we hear at HerbFest and we provide Herbanite Bob to help on herb answers as well as Kathryn Spiegel, a Wake County Master Gardener, to help with your perennial questions. 

    In addition to having help on site we offer free courses to our customers on many topics from preserving, harvesting, crafting, perfumery, medicinal, cosmetic classes so you can learn more about what to do with the bountiful herb harvest that is forthcoming.

    Also included are free classes on landscape desing, xeriscaping, drought tolerant perennials and Meditteranean herbs for your landscape.  

    On several pages of our website are specific areas of interest that you may want to know more about so browse around and sign up for free information on the areas that the Herbanites are interested in.