Welcome to a healthy lifestyle festival - fun for all.

The Herbfest is a spring festival highlighting low maintenance, organically grown natural perennials, herb plants, organic vegetables grown from organic seeds, herb crafts, cosmetic soaps, cooking recipes, live entertainment, and educational seminars at our new location, Festival Park.

If you prefer watching videos to reading this information then please click here. You will find educational videos on herb lore/legend and interesting information on herb gardening, specific herb plants, how to use instructions, etc.


The Herbfest spring break vacation location features organic landscaping with rosemary, lavender, basil and other herbs and perennials. One of our emphasis is to provide greater food selections featuring herb seasonings for healthy food offerings. You can smell the sage in the Polish sausages, savor the basil paired with the mozzarella, herb inspired crepes and eat light foods delicately seasoned with organic herbs. You will find more herb plants for sale here than basically anywhere on the East Coast. Our growers specialize in providing some of the most unique and unusual herb plants for sale that will enhance your knowledge of the wonderful varieties we have for your selection. An herb sale with all sorts of extra educational seminars and unusual entertainment thrown in the mix.
The popular spring festival vacation is still in the theme of a healthy lifestyle festival destination and family friendly, in our historic downtown
You can stroll our historic streets and fine tune your senses experiencing our ecologically friendly landscaping with historic, heritage herb and perennials grown using organic, natural means when possible. We are developing a reason to choose the Herbfest as your spring break vacation in our charming historic heritage town. We are creating a historic destination for fun and also to emphasis our healthy lifestyle festival atmosphere. Every Saturday from April to Thanksgiving our Wake Forest Farmer's Market sets up downtown to sell local produce and baked goods. It's a fun place to be on Saturday mornings.
The beauty of heritage herb usage in your landscape, along with easy maintenance perennials, show how both herb and perennial plants grow well together attracting beneficial insects and extending the quantity and quality of the essential oils in the plants. We minimize the use of harmful pesticides and concentrate on organic, natural methods so as not to harm any person. We minimize damage to our environment. We emhphasize xeriscape gardening or xeriscaping, drought gardening to conserve our most valuable resource, clean water. The combination allows one to craft potpourri, scented soaps, culinary oils for flavoring, and fresh herb snippings such as basil to create a nice salad culinary blend of E.V. Olive oil, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil with home grown tomatoes. Since we concentrate on natural, organic controls the harm of eating, using, flavoring or creation of aromatic mists using the herbs and perennials is safe. This is so important since herbs are eaten as a plant and not as a seed or fruit so organic, non use of pesticides is more important than for the typical garden. One of the reasons we are known as the healthy lifestyle festival.
Enjoy the food of our local restaurants utilizing organics such as basil, rosemary, thymes, etc. in their culinary offerings to enhance your vacation spring festival experience in our historic downtown. When you dine it's not just food for now, but great food ideas to take home and use as you grow your herb gardens. The local chefs know there are unique offerings amongst our herb plants for sale and can custome craft wonderful dining adventures you will savor. Experience strolling in our downtown where we feature plantings to enhance your vacation with aromatic whiffs of our local natural plants when you brush against our Blue Spire rosemary, our Munstead lavenders, or enjoy the delicate fragrances of our ground cover mints. It's an aromatic sensual experience that will make you glad you visited our annual Historic Herbfest for your spring festival vacation.
Herbs have been historically used in our foods as a healthy, natural organic alternative to some of the additives we now use. The heritage information of previous generations is shared to educate our friends on ways to cook food creatively and healthy, create cosmetics, craft nosegays, or even craft herbal jewelry using herbs and spices. We help develop an appreciation of herbs, perennials from our historic past yet provide a charming setting with live entertainment daily making HerbFest in historic downtown Wake Forest, a spring festival vacation.

Have fun at Herbfest, 2008 during our initial 10 day heritage festival. You will be surprised by the quantity, quality and diversity we offer for your herb gardens and easy to keep perennial landscaping. The sheer volume and selection of herbs and perennials will keep you investigating opportunities. Herb Sale Extraordinaire with our volume of herbs for sale. Also our growers specifically grow unusual herbs and perennials for HerbFest and we will be restocking new and unusual herbs and perennials throughout the entire 10 day festival. HerbFest 2008 will feature many plants you can use in Xeriscaping, xeriscape gardening or in easy terms drought plants for drought conditions. We also do free educational seminars throughout the festival.

Each day will have added entertainment including the much heralded Franklin Academy Jazz Band, the Five Tunz, the puppet show provided by our historic town of Wake Forest, and of course our unique duck parade each morning at 10 a.m. to open the HerbFest. The ducks waddle to their pond amidst our herb and perennial plants.

Even if you are not a gardener you will love the aroma of the VFW cooking their Italian sausages flavored with historic herb garden sages wafting around the Festival Park. Your senses will tell you when you have arrived!! While here visit the historic birthplace of Wake Forest University and enjoy the museum. Learn about the medical school and how the botany dept. was the "pharmacy" as heritage herbs were the medicines of herbal heritage lore and legend which has made historic Wake Forest a true heritage vacation destination.


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