Not sure you wondered, nor should you,  but here's a short video on how the HerbFest started.  Great moment for me to recollect on "now why are we doing this?" (:)

    At one point in our history perfumes were not only a nicety but also a necessity. 
      Watch this interesting video on the history of perfumery and how we continue customs well past their time of need.

Garlic - "the wellness herb" - Is it the chemical properties or is there another more compelling reason garlic keeps us well. 

Watch this video for the "rest of the story".

Now why in the world does June continue to be the month of the bride?  Well this bridal video may surprise you once you realize it's not because of May Flowers!!!


  Of course if you're thinking of a beautiful historical setting for a bridal wedding or reception then create history with your wedding or reception at the Event Gallery at The Cotton Company.

    Details here.

   Only fitting that Herbanites are part of "The Upper Crust" but not so bad even if have to eat "Humble Pie".  Enjoy this video explaining the origin.