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Some very interesting ways to use Rosemary and Bay in cooking or just to enjoy the wonderful scent.



     Sometimes rosemary is used in weddings instead of rice. When the rosemary leaves are stepped upon, they release there wonderful scent.

Rosemary is traditionally the herb of remembrance. What better way to remember your wedding vows!

Take some rosemary leaves and steep in a jar of hot water. Place it in your frig for a few days, then strain. Add some of this liquid to your shampoo for a wonderful scent.

Can also be used as a spay for cats and dogs, helps to repel fleas and ticks. Might even help them smell better.

After you've pulled the leaves off of a rosemary branch, use it as a skewer for coking meat and vegetables.


Bay was worn on the head as a symbol of nobility and royalty.

Fresh bay is wonderful in cooking. Once you try it you'll never go back to dried. Place a leaf just under the skin of your chicken breast. Turn it upside down and cook, so the oils of the bay leaf will rise into the chicken while cooking.



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