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Grand Sponsor - $3,000+


Name/logo will appear on all HerbFest literature 

Your company banner on display at event site for HerbFest

Name/logo will appear in all HerbFest advertisements in The Wake Weekly

10 X 10 Sponsor booth at HerbFest

Opportunity to giveaway two door prizes on WPTF radio during HerbFest advertising

Name/logo on GJCAE website for year

One Video For Promotional Purposes, Posted, Annotated, Tagged, Recategorized Once


Platinum Sponsor - $1,000 - $2,999.


Name/logo will appear on all event literature for HerbFest

Your company banner on display at event site for HerbFest

Name/logo will appear in all advertisements in The Wake Weekly

10 x 10 Sponsor booth at HerbFest

One door prize will be given away on WPTF radio from Platinum Sponsor at HerbFest

Name/logo on website for year


Gold Sponsor - $500 - $999.


Name/logo will appear on literature for HerbFest

Your company banner on display at event site at HerbFest

Name/logo will appear in HerbFest ads in The Wake Weekly

10 X 10 Sponsor booth at one HerbFest


Silver Sponsor- $250 - $499

Name/logo will appear in ad in Wake Weekly for HerbFest

Name/literature featured at the Sponsors’ table at HerbFest


Bronze Sponsor - $101 - $249

Name/literature at the Sponsor’s table at HerbFest


Friends of the GJCAE- $100.00

Name displayed at HerbFest

10% discount on plants at HerbFest





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   Herr Duckmeister, Levi Mahaley, has been the insurmountable leader of the HerbFest's daily duck parade since he was in first grade.   Enjoy this video with Levi explaining how he gets the ducks to follow him and also the "duck dance" by Helen for the kids.  Peabody hotel ducks have nothing on our duck parade!!! :)

The Mensing Colour Rosette Wheel

  A pictorial description of how color combination choices determines what essential oil fragrances are most/least appealing.  A guide to custom crafted perfumes using customer color choices to develop aromatic preference.

For women these are the color combinations:

If a woman chooses below as her favorite:

     Group A: Extraverted

As a result of their basic psychological make-up, the perfume users in this group tend to be optimistic and active. They are outgoing, dynamic and willing to accept risks. The attitudes and behavior patterns of the perfume users that make up this group reflect their psychological personality traits:

In group efforts, they like to be the leaders – They reject a weak, non-self-sufficient woman’s role – Life and all of its difficulties pose no problems for them – They can quickly impart life to a boring group – Tasks that demand fast action are what they love.

Their desired lifestyle is straight-forward, practical and utilitarian, and they display a keen interest in everything new.

Fragrance need: Fresh – citrus – floral.

Now for the men we have a different color combination wheel:

If the man chooses:

  Group D: Emotionally ambivalent with extraverted mood trend

The perfume users that comprise this group display a basic personality make-up that is lively, cheerful and vivacious, yet easily injured. This group reacts spontaneously and generously to its environment, as can be evidenced by its characteristic attitudes and behavior patterns:

They always attempt to make the best out of what life has to offer – Their attitude is: We should satisfy as many desires as possible; after all, we only live once – They reject people who let themselves go – They can make decisions spontaneously and be enthusiastic about them – Should they feel injured, they attempt to overcome the situation without brooding over the cause of it longer than is absolutely necessary.

Their desired lifestyle is geared toward modernality. It is characterized by spontaneous interests and impulsiveness, and sometimes “dreamy” behavior.

Fragrance need: Floral, floral-fruity.

   For custom crafted perfumes the leading indicator of color favorites is not what is liked but what color combinations are disliked.  85% of the time if certain color combinations are not liked then that choice means certain perfumes with a "woodsy" or "fruity" fragrance in it will not be liked so the custom aromatherapist or perfumer can customize the fragrance avoiding those scents and use other enjoyed fragrances, as shown by color combination likes, to craft personalized perfumes.

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