I really like and appreciate your stories and tid bits.  Regarding Tea Tree Oil (how interesting how it got it's name), I found this recipe in the latest Herb Quarterly.  I am always looking for frugal ideas...especially herbal.  So here this is for you to share. :-)

Tea Tree Counter Scrub

1 box baking soda
10-20 drops of tea tree oil.

Mix together and store in an air tight container.

Disinfects your counters better than any chemicals...and is is supposed to deter bugs too.

Thanks again, Sandy

                  Rosemary As A Conditioner

     In the mid atlantic region Rosemary is a perennial, meaning it
lives year after year outside through all sorts of weather.  Being
a Mediterranean herb it loves drought type conditions and actually
prospers during those times.  When you plant it remember it loves
sun, all it can get so plant accordingly.

     Once your rosemary is up you can take a branch or two and
strip the leaves into a ball type jar, one with lid you can close. 
Put the leaves, about a handful, in the jar and pour hot water over
them placing the jar in the refrigerator after filling with water.

    Leave the jar in the refer for about 2-4 days. 

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