The Livestock Protection Dogs - Bubba, Great Pyrenees, at 8 weeks old.

     It's hard to believe this, now monster, actually was this small at one time.   Bubba now has grown from this picture weighing 12 pounds to his current 110 pounds.   A bundle of fun who I took with me daily to work and he sat outside my favorite morning haunt, Wake Forest Coffee Company, waiting for me to come out.  Of course he was never lonely as anyone entering or exiting coffee shop had to stop and play with him.    That socialization helped immensely.

   The Kangal dog breed is known as a Livestock protection breed, but that does not mean only livestock.   The breed is also known for it's total loyalty to the elderly, probably originating from the centuries of living the plains of Turkey protecting it's sole shepherd or shepherd's family, and also proteting the newborn child which is probably instinctive from protecting new born sheep and goats. 

      Enjoy this delightful video on the benefits of dog ownership for many breeds, not just Kangals. 

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