Kangals On Hindquarters - Over 6 feet tall


    Kangals are known for their abilities to protect however some think because another animal is larger that automatically the Kangal is at a disadvantage.   What is forgotten is the ability of a Kangal to rear on it's back legs and become over 6 feet high.  Coupled with agility and powerful legs to power the strongest bite force of any dog the Kangal is well suited to ward off potential predators.   The process not only saves the livestock but also prevents harm to the predator due to the protective instincts couples with ability to ward off the predator.


  Read more here on the power of the Kangals back legs.


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   The Kangal has been chosen due to the success protecting against Cheetahs.    Nigeria suffers heavy losses of livestock, pets and in some situations humans.   The Kangal is chosen for it's fierceness and for it's compatibility with humans and livestock.    Article warns of being careful of claims of Kangals that are "cheaper".   Bottom line is there simply is not a lot of Kangal puppies available worldwide.  The breed is rare and Turkey goes off and on banning the export of their national dog.


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Newest Kangals, age 5 months, with wife ( one without leash on)


  Often in the show and pet industry there are certain colors, sizes, head, and patterns that are defined as acceptable for a dog to be "of a breed".   These often are physical indicators actually emerging over the past 200 years at most.  In the world of livestock guardian dogs the history goes back centuries but the "standard" evolved not in appearance but in performance.  If a herder had 1,000 sheep or goats to graze over vast areas that herder was not interested in what the guardian dog looked like, but more interested in how the dog would perform in protecting the livestock.   This was the basis of LGDs and how they evolved. 


   However in the present world we live in the human need continues to be able to define a dog with specificity.     I personally do not subscribe nor believe there are "appearances" within a range that affects whether the dog is a Kangal or not.  It's the behavior of protection, instinct, ability to have the Kangal accept and protect the family in behavior that I subscribe to.  However some need physical features and this is for those who prefer those definitions.  There also exists a higher propensity of shared DNA and the DNA sequencing helps identify physical characteristics within inheritied DNA structure.


Here is a standard for Kangals.



Socialized with goats, ducks, peacocks, poultry and people.   The puppies have black and white GP mother and 4 from white Badger mother.   Puppies available July 18, 2016. 


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   Susan West adopted a Great Pyrenees mix dog and the history of why the dog was abandoned was not known.  She anticipated the adoptee would do as most GP's do but this cross rather than protect her goats actually killed one.   The first 18 weeks of a dog's life is very important to establishing the outcome of the dog for purpose.  Socialization is so very important.   Bottom line though is Susan was heart broken but found a placement for her dog that better suited his disposition.  

   She still though was stuck with needing protection for her dairy goats and had seen posts about the Kangals and Great Pyrenees and decided to take a chance again with a dog that was a cross and raised around livestock and poultry.   She bought Finn from me even though I was not going to sell him as I really enjoyed the dark fur he had and his characteristics of both breeds.    I did though feel her pain and there is no joy in seeing a pet/goat needlessly killed and caused to suffer which is the life of those who own livestock.   The goal is not to kill predators but to protect your own.


   I had told Susan that if Finn did not do as needed then we would take him back.   She has been great in keeping me informed and only this week, about 1 year after getting Finn, I get his very nice note.   Thanks to you Susan!!


"Hi Bob. Just a note to say we are so pleased with Finn. He killed an opossum the other night and his introduction to the baby goat went very well. It was unintended, they'd gotten out of the maternity pen - I noticed when I looked out the window. Finn showed an appropriate amount of curiosity, respected mom, and was very gentle. I can't say enough about how pleased with are with him. Please consider me as a reference if you need one. If you have pups available still, I'm happy to post on the community page."


  Great Pyrenees Puppies For Sale and Kangal/Great Pyrenees Hybrids As Livestock Guardian Dogs And Family Pets

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The below puppies are available as of February 10, 2016..

All puppies are reserved on a first come basis.  If you want a puppy then a deposit needs to be sent thorugh pay pal or you need to contact us about sending it snail mail.  Our phone number is 800-937-3993 and ask for Bob or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Here is a sample contract that will need to be signed.  We cannot hold a puppy for you without a deposit.  Deposits are Non-refundable unless the pup is unavailable; so only submit a deposit if you are sure you want that pup. Once a deposit is received we are now holding a puppy for you. We will turn away another person, because your puppy is considered sold. Only submit a deposit if you are sure you want a pup; by sending a deposit your are contracting to purchase. We do require a contract with every pup purchase that offers our warranties on the pups that has to be signed by all parties. Once a deposit is sent the pup is removed from availability; updates are done as pups are reserved. If two deposits are sent at the same time, first one takes priority. You will be notified if a deposit was already sent and be allowed the option of one of the pups still available. We do require a contract with every pup purchase that offers our warranties on the pups that has to be signed by all parties. We reserve the right to not adopt to a home. We stand behind all our pups.

     Goat & Puppy Meets Video


   One wants to introduce Livestock Guardian Dogs such as the Great Pyrenees, or Kangals to the animals, poultry they are to protect.   As the LGD gets older the protection instincts set in and whatever the LGD regards as family is protected.   The LGDs learn the animals/people/birds are "part of the family" and  will protect them.   This video shows one of the ways to introduce them.   The mother goat is removed as the instinct of the mother goat is also to protect and her head butts could harm the puppy.

       LGDs need early exposure to animals and people so they learn to be inclusive of them to protect.   Many LGDs are used to protect goats and for puppies agressive goats can harm or kill the puppies.   Male grown goats are aggressive and also are foul smelling and unpleasant so we need to make the goats part of our family too.   Here is a video on how to castrate goats with a simply Elastrator that causes minimal harm or pain to the goat.   Once castrated then called "wethers" and make for happier family pets for your Great Pyrenees, Kangals to socialize with.  

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