Susan West adopted a Great Pyrenees mix dog and the history of why the dog was abandoned was not known.  She anticipated the adoptee would do as most GP's do but this cross rather than protect her goats actually killed one.   The first 18 weeks of a dog's life is very important to establishing the outcome of the dog for purpose.  Socialization is so very important.   Bottom line though is Susan was heart broken but found a placement for her dog that better suited his disposition.  

   She still though was stuck with needing protection for her dairy goats and had seen posts about the Kangals and Great Pyrenees and decided to take a chance again with a dog that was a cross and raised around livestock and poultry.   She bought Finn from me even though I was not going to sell him as I really enjoyed the dark fur he had and his characteristics of both breeds.    I did though feel her pain and there is no joy in seeing a pet/goat needlessly killed and caused to suffer which is the life of those who own livestock.   The goal is not to kill predators but to protect your own.


   I had told Susan that if Finn did not do as needed then we would take him back.   She has been great in keeping me informed and only this week, about 1 year after getting Finn, I get his very nice note.   Thanks to you Susan!!


"Hi Bob. Just a note to say we are so pleased with Finn. He killed an opossum the other night and his introduction to the baby goat went very well. It was unintended, they'd gotten out of the maternity pen - I noticed when I looked out the window. Finn showed an appropriate amount of curiosity, respected mom, and was very gentle. I can't say enough about how pleased with are with him. Please consider me as a reference if you need one. If you have pups available still, I'm happy to post on the community page."

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