Great Pyrenees Daring Predator To Attack!!!


    This from Bonnie Dawn who has extensive experience in raising Livestock Guardian Dogs ( Kangals and Great Pyrenees in this LGD classification).   Very good advice on how to train your LGD to protect numerous forms of livestock and poultry.

Bonnie DawnOur pups are raised from day one with free range chickens coming into their polydome scratching about and looking for bugs in the straw. As soon as they can get out of the polydome on their own, it is time to meet everyone. Chickens, ducks, alpacas, goats. At this point they are too small to chase anyone and usually end up getting a few pecks on the nose for looking at a chicken. By the time they can move faster, there are only a few instances where correction is needed. One or two well timed and firm corrections lets them know what NO CHICKEN means. I have raised pup after pup this way without anyone killing a chicken. They are desensitized from day one and corrected when needed. They learn fast and are bonded with chickens and livestock this way. Also well socialized with everything that happens here. At 6-8 months sometimes play behavior starts and we keep a close eye and correct when needed. One good well timed correction (catch them when intently staring is better than after the chase starts.) is worth several off timed or halfhearted corrections. They get one verbal and then a follow up if they don't listen with a shake to the scruff and low firm voice saying (usually NO CHICKEN.....) We really enjoy raising pups and have a ball seeing them meeting everyone. I am trying to get pictures of the goats when they first see these tiny little pups who trying so hard to say "hello" with their tails wiggling! heart emoticon

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