Ted Harkey, Daughter Paige Johnson and new Great Pyrenees Puppy Lelilah


   Ted is birdman extroordinaire and the nice man that convinced me you could own a Great Pyrenees dog for bird protection without having to have an enclosed area.  Ted raises all sorts of birds, peacocks, pheasants, geese, pigeons, Diamond doves and so much more.  Always respect his advice on proper care of birds and his knowledge of the different species.   Whenever we visit him we always come back with a bevy of new birds for our farm.It was Ted's neighbor that we got our 2nd Great Pyrenees from.   Delilah was the first of 8 puppies to be sold.   She was 7 weeks old, and raised in barn around all sorts of birds and farm animals which should make her well conditioned to guard our chickens, geese, ducks and swans who free roam our property.  

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