Historical Photo Of Black & White Great Pyrenees ( Montagne Des Pyrenees)

   It's believed by most that one can not have a predominantly black Great Pyrennes, however that does not appear true.  The history of the breed goes to France and the breed there is montagne des pyrénées. 
   A very good history of how the breed developed can be found on the
Bar 6 Diamond Ranch website here: .   Many believe the "standarization" of the breed may have contributed to the elimination of any puppies with black markings.  The value of white GPs was enhanced by not allowing the creation of black in the coat.  Over time the availability of black was essentially reduced to practically nothing.

   As a result of eliminating the color black many lovers of the breed chose to not follow the accepted "standards" and elected to breed the dog for temperament and instinct.  The instinct, due to being a livestock protection dog ( LGD- "d" standing for guarding ), is to protect livestock and the larger "family", people.   The black Great Pyrenees is now becoming the most sought after color since it ties in to the actual heritage of the breed.


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