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Kangal Puppies

Special thanks to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of Shadow Wings Farm in providing some of this summary about Kangals:

   The country of origin:   Turkey

   Group: Livestock guardian dogs, although also known to be very protective of children and elder men.

   Use Today:  Livestock protection

   Colors:  Cream to light tan to gray in a sable pattern with a black mask

   Head:  Wide, black face/muzzle - it's reported Kangals have largest brain of any canines which explains their quickness in learning

   Life Span:  12 - 15 years

  Height: 28 - 30" for females and 30 - 32 inches for males

  Weight: 90- 110 for females and 110 - 145 for males

   Litter Size: 8 - 10 puppies

    Training/Raising Notes for the new Kangal puppy owner.

  •     The kangal puppy will not overeat like many other breeds will.  The puppies eat until full and then quit.  Often it's better to provide constant nibbles of food for the puppy 24/7 for first 6 months.   If gets heavy then reduce feedings to 3x day for about 10 mins total duration per feeding.

  •    For many breeds one is told to never give "table scraps".  With Kangals the breed is so old and historically fed off the land, including eating dead carcasses that it's good to add some table scraps to the premium dry food for variety for the puppy.   

  •     It is reported that due to larger brain the puppy may learn quicker.  My experience has been they retain what was learned quickly very well.  Don't get upset or strike out at the puppy for doing wrong as the puppy remembers and due to the memory it may be difficult to change future behaviors.  Be patient with Kangals as they also tend to take longer to develop physically.

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