Anytime one is looking at dogs of a thousand, or several thousands years, of existence there will always be controversy over whether any claimed breed is genetically distinct.   This is especially true when a dog type has been used for specific qualities such as herding, herd protection or even personal protection.   The gene pool is constantly being altered as shepherds, breeders find some dog that has very desirable traits and then attempts to duplicate those traits in most of the offspring.   Selective breeding of dogs that have shown their worth for a particular purpose alters the genetic makeup of certain alleged breeds.

     Kangals are often compared to Akbash or Anatolian shepherds.   One group claims they are the same while another claims they are not.   A method used to differentiate dog breeds is to look at the genetic makeup for markers of one dog that is consistent to that breed but distincitively different from what another claims is the same dog breed.    In Turkey, France and the United States this was done on Kangals in a study published in 2005 which provided the evidence of a genetic difference between the breeds.   The study was done to help establish the Kangal as a separate and distinct breed for conservation purposes.  

   The study can be found here:  "Genetic Evidence For The Distinctness Of The Kangal Dog".

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