This is an interesting video from the David Letterman show when a Kangal was brought onto the show with an African Cheetah to keep the cheetah under control.    Kangals are world renown for their abilities to instinctively guard and be protective of their herds and or family who owns them. In this particular the Kangal provided security for the cheetah!!

   The Kangal is not an aggressive dog unless there is some perceived threat to his herd.  The distinguishing factor of the Kangal breed over other dog breeds is the power of the Kangal's bite force, which the Kangal does not want to use and barks, growls to ward off the predator first.   At 700 pounds per square inch the bite is stronger than all dogs and most predatory animals, including wolves.   There is confusion on whether to call Kangals as they are or Anatoyla shepherds as some call them.

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