Kangal Puppy, Zeke - Possibly the oldest breed of livestock protection dogs in world


    The Kangal breed is the official dog of Turkey.   The breed is known for it's fierce loyalty to it's job of protecting livestock such as goats and sheep, traditional herding animals.   The actual breed is very gentle to humans and also very protective of babies and the elderly.   The Kangal avoids any type of fighting and moves between the herd it guards and any potential predators.   Lying in the midst of the herd the Kangal will move out of the herd and assume an offensive position between the predator and the herd.   Barks, growls, scruff hair raised are all warning signs to leave the area however if that fails the Kangal will attack.   The Kangal is known as the strongest dog in the world with a bite strength much greater than that of a wolf.    Due to it's enormous bite strength the Kangal has been known to protect against tigers and bears in the wild. 

   Zeke, the above puppy,  is on his way home to N.C. from Georgia after being purchased from Shadow Wings Farm.  His new home will be protecting birds from predators such as coyotes, raccoons, foxes.  The purchase of a Kangal was due to the owner's swans, only at home for 4 weeks, being killed by a coyote.
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