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   "Yum Yum”, the life-size bronze statue by prominent sculptor J. Seward Johnson, has been on loan from the Sculpture Foundation for nearly a year. While preparing for her eminent departure in May,  Elizabeth Johnson, President of the Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment (G.J.C.A.E.), contacted the Sculpture Foundation to see if there was still time for one final celebration of the public art that has been so enjoyed by the community the past year. “I was so pleased that The Sculpture Foundation agreed to extend our contract for another 6 months, with no additional charges!”, said Johnson. “I am so delighted to see community members and visitors constantly interacting with the sculpture of this little girl. She has been dressed up for Halloween and in the snow, had her picture taken with visitors, been the center of a major promotion by the downtown merchants and even has her own twitter page! I now intend to ask the DRC to work with us to plan a celebration of our additional six months”, said Johnson. “We want to make the most out of this opportunity in hopes that the community will support more public art in future.”


The idea of bringing a piece of Johnson’s work began when the late Susan Neeley, local resident and supporter of the arts, along with her husband, Drew Bridges, owner of the Storytellers Bookstore, saw Johnson’s work in another city. Upon some further research Ms. Neeley discovered that other communities have used Johnson’s work to mount a large scale display of public art that engages the viewer and creates a sense of excitement in the host city. Ms. Neeley engaged the assistance of the G.J.C.A.E. to bring this project to fruition.


The Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment is a 501 © (3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the arts and arts education within the Wake Forest community.

The Storytellers Bookstore is located at 100 E. Roosevelt, downtown Wake Forest.

The Sculpture Foundation, a not for profit entity that encourages the placement and sharing of public art.  The Foundation’s Director, Paula Stoeke, notes that “One key purpose for Public Art is to initiate dialogue within communities.” Mr. Johnson and The Sculpture Foundation have 30 years of experience working with municipal and private collections to bring a unique experience of the sculptural arts to public spaces.

For more information on this release:

Elizabeth Johnson, President, GJCAE      919-306-3857

Paula Stoeke, Director, The Sculpture Foundation            (310) 264-2400 (Santa Monica, CA)



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