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   What the heck is a "tussie-mussie" seems appropriate to me, so let's give a gander at what we are talking about.

    Actually a tussie mussie is a tightly gathered bouquet of dried herbs and  flowers that is given to express a personal message to someone.  Originally the custom of giving a tussie-mussie was done in medieval times when fresh air was thought to be harmful.  The original tussie-mussie was actually a "nosegay" and literally was held to the nose to prevent infections but as we know from previous eblurbs to avoid the awful smell of neighbors and friends who only bathed yearly.

     Over time it became a necessity for every woman's wardrobe.  Today tussie-mussies are actually remnants of the Victorian era when gifts were handmade and "given from the heart".


   Some of the herbs used in tussie-mussies are:
  • Basil for love and good wishes
  • Burnet for a merry heart
  • Rose Geranium for your preferences
  • Rosemary for remembrance 
  • Sage for long life and good health
  • Thyme for happiness and courage
The above herbs would be combined with flowers:
  • Roses - Love
  • Marigolds for joy and remembrance
  • Forget-Me-Nots for true love
  • Bachelor Buttons for single blessedness
The flower that symbolized the most important wish would be in the center and the other flowers surrounded it.
To make a small tussie-mussie make a bouquet and then secure it with rubber band or string after trimming the stems to 5-6 inches.  Cut an X in two paper dollies and slip the stems through, pinning the tips with a straight pin.  Place the mussie in a vase or simply wrap and use as a nosegay.  Many like to also wrap with two or more ribbons of 18 to 24" length.
Since most will not know the meaning of the herbs and flowers be sure to attach to the tussie-mussie a card explaining the history and meaning for your friend or loved one. 
 Now wasn't this a fun exercise??? (:)


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