Here's a real live wire bird with a lot of chutzpah!!  Enjoy.

   This is not a bird, it's a lady painted as a bird.   Can you find the human?   See below the image for a hint.

Hint:   The tail is the model's leg.   See her nose and lips just below the white skin patch?


Beautiful video of Starlings and the benefits of flocking together for protection, warmth and beauty.   


Tranquility Of Doves

      Not only are doves very beautiful, but they have such a sweet relaxing cooing sound.   It's hard to stay uptight and stressed when you actually hear doves cooing away.   The above image of doves is our typical image however there are over 200 varieties of doves world wide and many of the varieties make good house pets and also coo.   Below are the "diamond doves" which are smaller, have varied colorations and make beautiful sounds.   

   Enjoy this video showing the interaction of emu chicks, bouncing lambs, dobermans, Kangal and Camels.  A fun video for the animal lover.


    One of nature's most moving images.  Falcon nesting in tree.

Lighten up, it's only in jest!!!   :)

Sunny - A 39 Year Old Catalina Macaw

Sunny is a domestic macaw purchased when she was 5 y.o. from a previous owner who had put in a wood shoulder wedge so she could ride on his shoulder as he drove his motorcycle!!

A "catalina" is actually a hybrid macaw, meaning a cross of breeds which gives the orange breast feathers you see here.  

In the wild the life span of a macaw is approximately 6 - 8  years.  In captivity it's 80 - 90 years.