Designing DNA Into Foods With GMO

   It's one thing to try to eat non GMO foods, but it's another to not know you are eating GMO foods.  Here are two articles that describe DNA from GMO foods can be transferred directly into human blood:

and a description of foods already containing gmo material that most people are not aware they have been eating.

    On our sister site more discussion is provided on whether we understand health versus harm.   Go here for that discussion.

  Cilantro is a main stay in so many cultures and so easy to use in a Smoothie.   This reprint below gives a recipe for a Green Gringo smoothie.   I would use fresh lemon in this recipe and not use lemon essential oil as lemon juice and essential lemon oil are not the same thing, nor do they have the same properties. 

J4FL Juice Recipe & Benefits of Cilantro
Green Gringo
Look below to discover the many benefits of Cilantro in your Juices.

*1 large bunch of cilantro 
*4 Granny Smith Apples —halved & cut into wedges
*10-12 celery ribs 
*1/2 Lemon (w/ peel)
*3 inches Ginger Root
*3 drops essential oil of lemon
WARNING This one is spicy!

Food is Thy Medicine: Cilantro is rich in chlorophyll and has cleansing and healingproperties:

-The chemical compounds in cilantro bind to toxic metals and loosen them from the tissue.
-Has been shown to have anti-anxiety effects.
-Has been examined and described to have a blood-sugar lowering effect.
-Research conducted by The Dental School of Piracicaba in Brazil found cilantro oil to be a new natural fungal cleansing formulation opportunity.

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Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

    Is it possible the addition of synthetic vitamin supplements is harming humans in the long run?   The work of Albert Szent-Gyorgyi in 1928 discoverd the need for vitamins in living entities such as animals, plants and people.   It was apparent with the outbreak of scurvy and the cure of it by eating fresh fruits that there was something our bodies was missing that led to disease and death.   The fruit provided it but it took Szent-Gyorgyi to discover exactly "what" it was. 

   Since then we have paid a great deal of attention on diet and eating the proper foods to maintain health and ward off disease.  On the surface that sounds fine except with the discovery of genetics we are now learning that if we fail to use certain genes then we lose them or they fail to express themselves.   Today with the abundance of vitamin supplements and fresh produce from around the world we may be entering a time when evolution is disabling our genes to make certain nutritional supplements such as vitamins. 

   We know in rehab. medicine that if one fails to exercise and use muscles then they atrophy and eventually become non functional.   Current research indicates we have begun to see a disabling of genes that historically allowed our body to produce vitamins, minerals for our health.  Why is this occurring?   We have such an abundance of external foods supplying us with the necessary nutrients that no longer are the genes necessary for our nutritional needs..................see more below


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