Several years ago, 1970's, there was a study that received wide publicity about how double white feverfew was effective in the elimination and/or cessation of migraine headaches. The participants actually consumed 2 - 3 leaves daily to aid or prevent the occurences.

Aloe Vera, aka The Burn Plant.

Picture of Aloe Vera herb plant


    This is a very practical plant for minor burns, abrasions and other skin irritations. It also has a very distinct habit by it's long leaves and adds some character to your landscape. Historically Aloe is used as a topical for burns and this part of the plant is known as "aloe vera", this is the part of the plant that is inside the leaves. The "aloe gel - mucilage" can be used both externally and internally and this portion is prepared only from the leaf being used as a general cure-all. It is common practice for families to leave a potted plant in their kitchens so they can break off a leaf if they are burned. Generally the leaf is broken in half and as the gel oozes out

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