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Lemon Oil As A Preventer of Carcinogenic Mutant Cells

Below is an interesting tidbit about the use of lemon oil as having some potential benefit as a cancer preventer.  Of course any type study like this blurb to the Herbanites is treated as a grain of salt as we tend to question such,  

   I quickly perused and couple of questions. 

1.  What is the essential oil of the lemon and where does it come from?   My guess is it's definitely not the juice however that then brings out the question  is the actual lemon juice also effective maybe as a preventer of potential carcinogenic activity or a delayer of the mutant cells.  Hmm sort of heady. 

2.  And this is what intrigued me is when gets to bottom of article talks of use in aromatherapy and now we are back to does the actual lemon oil do anything other than stimulate an immune response?  

   You might remember some time back I mentioned Dr. Arlene Kestner of LSU who had Ph.D. in how brain reacts to olfactory stimulation.    One of her tests was the ability of essential lavender oil to "calm" patients suffering from "sundown syndrome".    What her results tended to indicate is it did not necessarily have to be true essential lavender oil but could also use petroleum based lavender fragrance and get similar results.  In other words it was the stimulation by the scent and not the physical attributes of the oil that mattered.
   So read on and so say ye, loyal Herbanite........ 
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