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So many people of my generation know of this herb plant as the "Vick's Vapor Rub" plant.  When one had a bad cold the first remedy Mom selected came in a blue jar and was like Vaseline Petroleum jelly except it was impregnated with eucalyptus oil as well as mint oils.  It was also known as "the cold plant".  There was that big first word - Eucalyptus
listed as the first ingredient, ie. most active.  Today throughout the southern U.S. it is not unusual to grow our own eucalyptus trees.

    Eucalyptus wreaths are very popular in our homes and add that delightful aroma as well as the bluish grey hue of the leaves add a fresh natural look in your decorative scheme.  Vick's vapor rub had a very high concentration of oil so don't compare the smell of that medicinal with the fragrance of eucalyptus wreaths in your home or office for aromatic purposes.   Some people actually leave a limb in their cars to add the clean antiseptic smell to a stuffy car.  The limbs are long and very slim with nice symmetrical round leaves.


   Crafting eucalyptus herb wreaths does not limit your imagination to the use of added flowers, and other materials as many crafters will spray with paint the outside of the leaf and the fragrance still escapes from the backside of the leaves.  It's not unusual to see eucalyptus wreaths spray painted in gold or white colors to go with the season, or be really daring and create a valentine's wreath in red!!!

    Eucalyptus is also part of the grey, or moonlight garden plant collection, that sparkles at night and adds accent to itself in your landscape by reflecting moonlight.   It adds natural light to your yard and serves as a reflective plant.   In landscape design it is important to not only look at it's unusual habit of drooping limbs but also remember to use the plant as a reflective and give consideration to the nighttime landscape. 

    A nice compliment to eucalyptus would be a seating bench under it with a walkway framed with lamb's ear leading to it. 

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