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Aloe Vera, aka The Burn Plant.

Picture of Aloe Vera herb plant


    This is a very practical plant for minor burns, abrasions and other skin irritations. It also has a very distinct habit by it's long leaves and adds some character to your landscape. Historically Aloe is used as a topical for burns and this part of the plant is known as "aloe vera", this is the part of the plant that is inside the leaves. The "aloe gel - mucilage" can be used both externally and internally and this portion is prepared only from the leaf being used as a general cure-all. It is common practice for families to leave a potted plant in their kitchens so they can break off a leaf if they are burned. Generally the leaf is broken in half and as the gel oozes out

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you rub this onto the burn. Often the leaf, due to it's length, can be split in half so there is more surface area to rub over the burn. It is also believed that aloe inhibits the body's production of bradykinin which causes pain therefore aloe is a pain reliever. Some studies also indicate aloe enhances wound healing by the body. Aloe Vera will reproduce rapidly in the summer but if there is frost then it quickly dies. It is suggested if not in tropical climate the plant is best preserved inside during the winter months as it is very tender if exposed to frost or cold climates.

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