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Is Cholesterol The Villain Or The Scapegoat To Healthy Living?

For years we've been told to avoid foods containing cholesterol as the cholesterol is harmful to our health. I'm not convinced that is true at all and here's why.

Cholesterol is vital to sustaining life and we have different forms of cholesterol produced in our body. Whether the total % is predominantly what is called the "healthy" cholesterol, HDL, or is the "bad" cholesterol, LDL, is necessary to live and stay healthy. As long as cholesterol of either variety is moving through our body and exiting our body, then we don't have a health issue. We simply manufacture, use and eliminate and we stay healthy.

The issue is when the cholesterol stops moving that health concerns become of utmost importance to living and staying healthy. What is it about our body that stops the movement of cholesterol throughout our circulatory system?

It appears that answer is a simple one we all encounter daily. It's probably our body's natural defense mechanism called "inflammation". Inflammation is a natural reaction to invasion by harmful pathogens such as bacteria, or even a cut or wound. Our body reacts by creating T cells, if bacteria, to destroy the germs before they can multiply and occupy our body. That process is called inflammation. It's natural, it's healthy and we always need that to happen.

Cholesterol always has to pass over many areas in our circulatory system as our body processes the cholesterol. The question is why would our cholesterol, more specifically LDL, stop and gather at one area. If one has plaque build up that is easily identified as pertaining to a certain specific area, however that same cholesterol passed over many areas prior to lodging in what we call an area "of plaque buildup".

Once it starts building up then we worry about decreased blood flow, additional stress to the heart and, heaven forbid, that plaque breaks loose and death occurs once the plaque stops moving and is now lodged in a vulnerable organ such as the brain, heart, lungs.

The plaque itself is also an area that can harbor bacteria and provide an ideal climate for reproduction. As the bacteria reproduce our body responds by continuing to inflame that area and direct antibodies to stop the infection. Now we do not have an acute reaction to an injury or disease but a chronic response repeated over and over. The inflammatory process can now be counter productive to our health.

Often our diet is the culprit that creates the inflammation in specific areas of our body. If an area is too acidic or too alkaline our body reacts. If the foods consumed are irritants then our body reacts. The reaction is the inflammation reaction.

The inflamed area changes it's electrical charges and now using the principles of positive and negative charge differentiation attracts or repels cholesterol. That physical change causes plaque to build up by attracting cholesterol. Over time we not only have blockage but we also have disease.

Our diet is often our best friend and also our worst enemy. In order to safeguard against the ravages of plaque our best alternative may be not to turn to meds, but to pay attention to the produce area where we shop.

Once there we can focus on colors, organic, local grown issues and preserve our health by wise choices of preventive medicine, not treat disease but prevent disease through diet.

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