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     Plant                          or                       Spice blend?

    The Curry plant is one plant that we have so many people get confused over at HerbFest. It has a delightful gray foliage ( perfect for a moonlight garden), and the fragrance is tremendous.  Upon one whiff you want to eat it. BUT DON'T - it is a disgusting taste similar to a stew of pine needles!  Perfect for landscaping such as knot gardens or on walkway and as mentioned as a moonlight garden plant.

  Origin of it's common name comes from it's fragrance which is very much like the spice blends of India named "Curry blend".  We remind our customer though it is a non-edible and if they don't believe us then take one bite and you'll never forget that again.

Actually a curry spice blend is exactly that a blend of different spices varying from blend to blend and also varying by what percent of one spice versus another.  Very popular in Indian cuisine and in our cooking today.

   You will absolutely love the fragrance and general appearance of this delightful plant.  So many opportunities for it in your landscape plans and the benefit of the extra added great smell is a bonus +.

    A very nice blog post was done on the medicinal aspects of Curry by Cajun Chef Ryan Boudreaux  who is one of our HerbFest customers. 

  Another blog you may not have seen: click here.

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