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    Generally most "cancer cures" aren't as effective as promised.  Actually most do not work at all and the "proof" of a study is almost always a study done "in vitro" which means outside the human body.  The problem with all in vitro and also animal studies is the biological effects and electrical charges are not present in an outside the body experiment with a drug or compound.   When the "cure" is introduced into the body it either:

A.  Does not work
B.  Kills more than the cancer cells


   Another claim to help kill cancer cells is the herb, artemisia 'annua'.  There are many species of artemisia, at last count being slightly over 400, so not sure if all forms of artemisia perform as you hear about in the below video or only a select few.   What is interesting in this video by medical doctor Len Saputo is he also discusses the use of cancer cures in combination with other therapies which is termed "complementary medicine".  The higher content of iron is also consistent with cancer cells changing polarity on the cell membrane from a positive charge to a negative charge, and that single change is sufficient to avoid the attempts by the immune system to kill the cancer cells.   It's a basic physics principle of magnetism, likes repel likes and unlikes attract.   This is the physical world where one sees magnets attract or repel.  It's also intriguing on how Dr. Saputo talks of the different methods of administration and the body's ability to absorb artemisia compounds.

   Very wonderful to have some folks, such as Dr. Saputo, exploring the use of alternative/complementary therapies for the cure or prevention of cancer.   Remember cancer is an organic chemistry issue, not something acquired from outside, but internally generated.


  The full text and video can be found here.
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