Often our web site is searched for "sexual stimulant herbs" and we try to distance ourselves from those who sell "sexual potents" that lack scientific credentials.    Many of the historical herb stimulants also reflect the culture of the region and are the result of lore and legend, but lack botanical documentation as to why the herb is useful as a sexual stimulant.   This is not to deny the herb can be used as such, as many supplements appear to have as their main function, the belief it will work and therefore it does work for the patient that time or a few times.   The botanical results with the essential oils and constituent chemicals that work each and every time leads one to move the herb to the zone of true medicinal properties, not placebo type.  

   The below article on male herbal aphrodisiacs used in ayurevedic medicine is by Dr. Savitha Suri.   It not only includes male herbs that increase sexual desire and stamina but also some foods to consume as a sexual stimulant.   Ayurevedic medicine originates in and around India so please remember the only true way to compare any herb is based upon it's scientific botanical name, not it's common name.   Also provided is the information to subscribe to this weekly free newsletter from Dr. Suri..



 Aphrodisiacs for Men - Natural Male Aphrodisiacs to Increase Stamina


It is not uncommon for men to sometimes experience a decrease in their desire for making love. It can happen due to various factors, either physical or psychological. Sometimes men might find helpful to use certain aphrodisiacs in order to increase their libido, especially in periods of intense stress when their ability to focus on the love life might be affected. Natural male aphrodisiacs are meant to enhance the desire for sexual activity and stimulate men without having any side effects. When referring to aphrodisiacs for men, we can mention both herbs and certain foods.


In what concerns natural male aphrodisiacs based on herbs, the following herbs are the most common.


1. Tribulus Terrestris - It is a relatively new herb for us, although the Indian and the Chinese medicine were largely using it. It increases both libido and potency in men.


2. Maca - It increases sexual desire in men and in ancient times it was used by Incans before going to battle.


3. Ginseng - It enhances the desire for sexual activity and it is also a herb with revitalizing effects in what concerns the entire body.


4. Muira puama - It is used for treating erectile dysfunction and it also has a beneficial effect in restoring the sexual vitality in men.


5. Damiana - It increases sexual appetite in both men and women.


6. Horny goat weed - It is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction and it also increases libido. It was discovered after its effects were noticed on goats and that is why it is called like this.


Some men find more helpful to use foods as natural male aphrodisiacs.

They are indeed a "more pleasant" way of "getting in the lovemaking mood". Foods that increase the libido in men are


1. Grapes - You have seen many lovers having grapes and cheese for dinner. The combination has powerful aphrodisiac effects, especially if combined with red wine.


2. Exotic fruits - Guava, pomegranate and pineapple are both tasty and stimulating.


3. Avocado - It is known as a natural male aphrodisiac from ancient times and its effects are due to the high content of minerals and fibers.


4. Chocolate - It has aphrodisiac effects on both men and women and it stimulates the brain to release substances that are responsible with lovemaking.


The list of foods is not exhaustive, as there are many others who can improve libido and increase the desire for lovemaking activity. It is also worth mentioning eggs, oysters, honey, almonds, caviar, chilies or fennel.


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