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Herbs for Tinnitus Treatment

    The below herb tips are from  and are intended to be informational only.  

     I did notice the use of Rosemary, not specific to tinnitus as much as relevant to a possible causation, hypertension.   You may want to also see our page on
lowering blood pressure herbs.   As mentioned many times over and over on our web site it is not sufficient to simply say "use a herb" as there are so many aspects to what is harvested, when, how distilled, what part used, time of day, season of year etc.  Our herbal lore and legend series breaks out some of the considerations week by week in the informative and fun emails.

     You may be one of the unfortunate sufferers of tinnitus.  If the ringing in your ears is loud enough, you simply can’t ignore it.  It may go away, but most likely it will not.  Many doctor recommended therapies are costly.  Some involve drastic measures like surgery.  So many of the treatments for tinnitus are ineffective.  So are there any herbal tinnitus treatments?


Actually, there are dozens of herbal treatments for tinnitus.  Some are well-known herbs.  Some are simply good sources of vitamins or minerals.  Others are little known herbs which are obtained through an herbalist.


Ginkgo biloba is currently one of the most popular herbs.  It is said to promote good memory function.  It does this by increasing circulation in the brain.  Probably for the same reason, it seems to work as a tinnitus herbal treatment.  The only down side to using Ginkgo is that it can not be used with blood thinners.


Black Cohosh is an herb that has been used by Native Americans for centuries.  It has been used often for women’s gynecological and obstetric problems.  However, it has been used for other purposes.  It is used for tinnitus, and this is probably because it improves blood flow in the brain.  It is also a natural sedative.  Since stress is sometimes a precipitating factor to tinnitus, this can help as well.  This is true of many tinnitus herbal treatments.


Ligustrum is an herb that may help.  It has no side effects that are known.  Mullein is another plant that can be used.  It is a mild diuretic.  Tinnitus can be helped by a low sodium diet and diuretics, so this is a good tinnitus herbal treatment.


The use of a simple herb like rosemary can also have an affect.  Sometimes tinnitus is brought on by high blood pressure.  It is at these times that rosemary can be used as an herbal tinnitus treatment.  It will dilate the blood vessels and make them stronger so that the inner ear, among other parts of the body, will function better.  Another herb is avena sativa, better known as wild oats.  This reduces cholesterol.  This is the path this herb takes to increasing circulation, and thereby helping with tinnitus. 


There is an herb called cornus.  By itself, it is not a tinnitus herbal treatment.  However, when taken in combination with other herbs, it can have a tremendous effect.  Two of these are Chinese yam and Chinese foxglove.  Either mixture must be performed by a skilled herbalist.


These are only a few of the vast array of herbal tinnitus treatments available.  Some can be obtained in a local grocery or health food store.  Some can be ordered through the mail.  Others can be obtained through an herbalist.  If you choose to treat tinnitus with herbs, it is easy to get started.


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