This comes from  a weekly email series on Ayurevedic medicine and periodically find some interesting tidbits of info. that blend in with our herbal theme.   By typingin "tea tree" on our search you will find a previous article about the use of Tea Tree Oil for acne rather than using the brand name pharmaceutical Accutane, with a myriad of potential harmful side effects.  Tea Tree is a well known and well used antibacterial for topical administration.   Below  is a post on treating acne ayurevedically.   Found another use of that wonderful herb BASIL!!!!!


                                                                         Prevention of Acne Using Basil

   We all have one or the other health problem, acne is most common issue. Beauty being skin deep, having acne on your skin makes people consider themselves as unattractive. You need not lose your beauty sleep over skin troubles, as acne natural remedies are here. First you must understand why do we have acne? It is due to sebaceous glands that are overactive especially on face, chest and neck during adolescence and hormonal imbalances. Sebum produced by these glands gets trapped in layers of skin causing acne.


  Keeping your skin clean will be a positive step towards preventing acne outbursts. Natural remedies for acne includes following:



  • Use antibacterial natural material as face mask like honey, basil etc.



  • Have balanced diet and rest as your system may be over or under producing hormones due to lack of proper nutrition or sleep.



  • One of the most basic as acne natural remedies, supplement of vitamins - like A, E or multi and minerals - Zinc and chromium will benefit your skin to fight acne. Talk to your doctor for age limits and prescription medicines.



  • Avoid makeup or heavy cream that clogs pores of your skin. You may just want to cover up a patch but it will harm your delicate skin.



  • Acne removal soap can be used to wash your face twice a day; overuse may leave your skin dry and flaky.



  • Steam can do wonderful work with your skin. Add some basil leaves to water and bring it to boil. Allow vapors to unclog all pores in your skin; you will know why steam baths became so popular.



  • Never try to break or squeeze the acne on your skin it may leave permanent spots or increase acne formation on your body.



  • Cleanse your face with a good cleanser before you go to bed to remove all dirt and extra oil from your skin.



  • Weekly exfoliation of your skin will keep away the dead layers to allow new skin to be less oily but be gentle.



  • And finally, the last of all acne natural remedies, exercise or perform some physical activity like cycling, jogging, and aerobics to improve blood circulation and keep your skin breathing happily.


       Follow these acne natural remedies, you need to take long-term care of your skin without worrying much about instant solutions gradually results are bound to show. Skin is the longest organ the body has and whatever you put inside your body shows on the outside.

    (Ditto that's the same thing my dermatologist tells me but heck they in the business of saying that!!! :)


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