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  The terms “Aquatic Plants” and "Pond Plants" represent a wide range of Plants growing in several habitats.

   Some Aquatic Plants grow in deep water. Lotus and Water Lilies  are the most famous of this pond plant group. Others grow in the shallower margins  of the pond. Many pond plants like the growing conditions in the moist bogs (Bog Plants) on the rim of the pond and another group grows completely submerged in the pond water (Submersed or Oxygenating Plants). Still others just float on the surface of the pond (Floating Plants) and need not be rooted in anything at all. These plants are all important to the natural balance of the garden pond.


  Marilyn Grolitzer worked for over 20 years as a research scientist leading research and development organizations at Monsanto, Solutia and Dow Reichhold. She was known worldwide for her scientific research on specialty chemical additives and has numerous patents and publications.  After leaving Solutia she focused her attention on helping start-up companies on medical products including medical devices and drug delivery systems and alternative health care for women. Marilyn is currently CEO of Reiki Creations, Inc, a company focused on producing products for healing of body, mind and spirit with Reiki and gemstones.


   Marilyn began her work using hands-on healing in 2005 and went on to study Reiki with Vicki Penninger, 2006-2007, receiving Master’s certification in May 2007. She continued her studies to specialize in working with gemstones and crystal energy therapy. This practice of healing of body, mind and spirit with nature’s energy has been known and used by healers throughout history as each gemstone has a unique vibration that may affect the mental, emotional and physical body as well as the surrounding environment.


   Marilyn is also actively involved in clean water advocacy.  She is a Master Gardener for Wake County and contributes many articles on aquatic plants and environmental conservation.

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