Carol Randuci Introduces HerbFest Attendees to Oriental Medicine and Feng Shui Garden Design With Her Two Free Classes


    Have you heard of Oriental Medicine, but not sure what it is?  Are you wondering if Acupuncture needles hurt? Are you curious about all those teas you hear about?
And how does this health care system mix with other health care systems?

    Here is an opportunity for your questions to be answered. Carol Wentz Randaci has her degree in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture and has been involved with alternative medicine for 25 years, and she is excited to share her knowledge and experience.



    Feng Shui Garden Design is a holistic system that conceptualizes the way our surroundings affect our well-being, happiness and success.   It is the specific arrangement of our surroundings to create an alignment with the Earth's energy lines.  Although the layout of the garden is dictated by accepted design guidelines, the effect created is a very individual approach that reflects the characteristics of the owner.  The garden reflects balance, health, harmony, beauty and comfort.     




   Carol Wentz Randaci has her degree in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture and in Horticulture.  She trained with many accomplished and dedicated healers, fabulous herbalist, holistic lifestyle naturalist, has a background of over 25 years in raja yoga,
energy transmission and is certified in Feng Shui. As a new resident of Raleigh she is looking forward to many years of community involvement. 

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