Many people suffer with Lupus headaches and related skin ulcers. Acetaminophen, which can be taken with food or without, seems to work best at alleviating these nuisances. Research shows that getting plenty of rest and staying stress free can help to prevent many flares that cause excruciating pain. Alka Seltzer in the bath works wonders for some. Jacuzzi soaks will help to relax and comfort aching muscles and joints. If you do not have access to a jacuzzi, Bed Bath and Beyond have bath mats that I've found can achieve the same miraculous feeling results. Try rubbing itchy skin ulcers with the soft head of a q-tip instead of using fingernails to scratch, since they work just as well yet carry the risk of fewer germs and cuts.

Throat, chest, skin ulcerations, and joint pain can occur regularly in Lupus patients. While Halls and Vicks sometimes do the trick, hot green tea can aid in combatting these problems. Eucerin lotion with a top coat of pure lanolin is soothing for chest, back, and outer vaginal ulcers. Some creams, which can be purchased over the counter for yeast infections, are also said to soothe some of the related ulcer itchiness. Additionally, Maracuja or passion fruit massage oil may relax and ease the intense pain in joints.

Other natural remedies for fever and pain include Clavo and Tayuya, which supports the central nervous system. Cayaponia tayuya is also anti-inflammatory, therefore an exceptional rain forest plant for Lupus sufferers to look into utilizing. Aromatherapy during massage is another option to try.

   Authored by Melissa C. Wilson


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