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      This article was prompted by the below email Herbanite Bob received:

Hi Herbanite Bob:
     I bought a little plant today at the flea market I go to for fresh veggies...............but I wonder if someone steered me wrong.

     The plant I bought was Rue and this gentleman told me it was great for sleep, add to milk and drink.
Well, I looked it up on the Internet and it said it could be poisonous...........who do I believe?
    I know herbs can be dangerous............Needless to say, I will not drink it or boil it for tea...........I have made it to 74 and I
have a few more miles to go.
                                                                                                           jan j......thanks

Hey Janet,
   You are 100% correct that rue, ruta gravolens, is not indicated for human consumption and in fact can be quite dangerous.  Rue is also not indicated for touching by humans as it can cause blisters and skin irritations.  Rue has as part of it's constituent properties,  coumarin derivatives, which are known as blood thinners.  I would not drink any tea made of fresh or dried rue.  
  Now the vendor may not have known exactly what the plant is and in translation it may have lost it's American meaning but it's not worth the risk.  German authorities have stated rue should not be consumed at all as the risk reward ratio is not there. 

   Thanks for your inquiry.

                                                                                                            Herbanite Bob

P.S. Here's a picture of Ruta Gravolens for you.

thanks Bob.
That is the plant.
   I think I will go back to Marion Mart with all this info and show the head of the mall, what this man is telling people.........maybe killing a few........with his advice about using it for a tea for sleep problems.
Good thing I have a computer and YOU.

Janet j...

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