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      As a result of the last post on using Tea Tree Oil there have been several questions about the different type oils so let's explain the differences...


   Essential oils
are the oils that are actually derived from the plant itself.   These are the oils that you read about the health benefit of the oil.  These are natural occurring and have many components to them.  Aromatherapists generally use these oils for massage, inhalation etc.  Also your very high end perfumes such as Joy use them since it is known the perfume goes onto your skin.  Adverse skin reactions occur mostly with fragrance oils, however some essential oils are very strong.

      Fragrance oils are oils that are crafted using non-natural ingredients, generally petroleum based derivatives.   These oils are crafted to create fragrances or oils that smell like some specific fragrance.  Most fragrance oils are used in crafting potpourris, some scented products such as hot packs etc.  Fragrance oils are not intended to be put on your body or consumed.

     Be careful of some less than honest people attempting to sell you an essential oil when in fact it is not but is a fragrance oil.  Generally speaking essential oils are much more expensive than fragrance oils and if someone claims they are selling you "true rose oil" and they say it's only 50 cents per ounce then grab your wallet and run!!

      Our sister company carries a very interesting product line of aromatherapy patches for pain, skin care, stress relief, energy, sleep, PMS relief, cough and cold relief, to name a few.  All of these patches use natural essential oils.

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