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                  Rosemary As A Conditioner

     In the mid atlantic region Rosemary is a perennial, meaning it
lives year after year outside through all sorts of weather.  Being
a Mediterranean herb it loves drought type conditions and actually
prospers during those times.  When you plant it remember it loves
sun, all it can get so plant accordingly.

     Once your rosemary is up you can take a branch or two and
strip the leaves into a ball type jar, one with lid you can close. 
Put the leaves, about a handful, in the jar and pour hot water over
them placing the jar in the refrigerator after filling with water.

    Leave the jar in the refer for about 2-4 days. 

   The hot water has extracted the rosemary oil from the leaves.  After couple of
days strain the rosemary water into a spritzer bottle or into your
shampoo bottle, this assume you are a brunette - if not I'll
address the "blond herb" later.  Rosemary is used in very high end,
read expensive, shampoos and conditioners.  It adds sparkle and
luster to brunettes hair.  You can spritz your hair with it after shampooing
to add the luster and sheen to your hair.  Also mixed in with your
regular shampoo it helps condition your hair.

   Now for you pet lovers it also is great for adding luster and
sheen to their coats and other great benefit is rosemary is also a flea tick
repellent so don't just spray their fur but also their sleeping areas to rid
it of those pesky fleas and ticks also.

P.S.  Don't discard those stems left over from pulling the leaves as
we have a recycling use for them also.  Next to come in our series
of eposts to you.


Herbanite Bob


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