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      "Raining Cats and Dogs"

   Have you ever wondered how the phrases," caught red handed" or to visit and "get the cold shoulder" were derived from?

   The HerbFest E-Newsletter sign up will give you the answers with a short weekly snippet explaining the origin and in many cases the reason for the expression. The HerbFest Herbal Lore and Legend series is to say mildly, fascinating. Yes it did "rain cats and dogs" while one sat in the kitchen eating "humble pie" anticipating the "June bride" wedding after the "annual bath".  With religious taboos being what they were no one would want to marry a smelly bride or groom so there is a practical reason we have marriages when we do and it's a carryover from a religious practice.

   Did you know there really was a "Bouncing Betty" who helped  future neighbors cross America? In one of our snippets you will discover why she became known as such and the herb that celebrates her help to future generations.

   If herbal lore and legend is not your cup of tea then we intersperse the tips with how to cook with herbs, crafting potpourri, creating perfumes, growing herbs and also how to harvest and preserve herbs. In short order there has to be an area of interest touched upon in our Herbal Lore and Legend series and best of all it's FREE.

   We enjoy sharing these delightful stories with you each week and look forward to your participation. Sign up now for the free series and enjoy the ride!!!
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