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      Frontier Herbfest 2005 was the last Herbfest by this very fine organization.  When we owned our herb shop, Cameron Park Botanicals we could always count on Frontier to deliver the best products at a fair price with excellent service.   We are happy that Frontier has continued to grow and prosper and also that our HerbFest, 10th consecutive year in 2009, has grown to the 10 day lifestyle event it has become.  We actually had a 6 year run of our herbfest on our store's grounds as well as the Mordecai Historic Park where we did their last Herb sale.  We encourage you to support Frontier as they have done an outstanding job of educating and moving forward the world of herbs.


Frontier HerbFest Discontinued

The long run of Frontier HerbFest, the nation's largest herb and sustainable living conference, came to an end with HerbFest 2005. This was a difficult decision for us at Frontier, because HerbFest has provided 12 years of fun, education and inspiration for thousands of enthusiastic attendees. We enjoyed sponsoring the event and are proud that we started, sustained, and, for the last two years, revived HerbFest.

But, unfortunately, HerbFest has not been immune to the nationwide trend of declining herb conference attendance. Travel has become more expensive, and many new options to access herbal information have become available. As fewer people come to HerbFest, it becomes harder to justify the communication, organization and physical work that the event requires. We feel that we can use the substantial resources required to host HerbFest more effectively in other ways to provide information about and promote healthy living. Some of these include newer media like the internet and CDs, but we will also continue to support the "old school" approach of seminars and festivals -- both on a smaller scale ourselves and through the support of other, more specialized organizations around the country that host these events.

With our mission to "convert the world to natural and organic products," we will continue to actively provide information and educational opportunities that explain the "why" and "how" of natural living. We thank everyone who has supported this great event by speaking, attending, or working on it--the passion, devotion and sense of community that characterized HerbFest will continue to inspire us.


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