This video filmed while Bob Johnson was watering herbs at HerbFest explaining how to find, extract and understand essential oils obtained from herbs.

    Today there is a very large demand for locally grown organic produce, herbs and spices that is expanding exponentially. The home based entrepreneur has a unique advantage due to the demand for local content which can only be satisfied by local growers. Added to this opportunity is the demand for organically grown herbs and produce preferably from organic seed sources that have not been genetically altered.

Most consumers are more than willing to pay extra for the products based upon the consumer demand for "local" and "organic". Here are some of the marketing bullets for this type home based business:

  • Our immune systems need local stimulation from exposure to local germs in order to develop and protect. When the food is harvested from all over the world a new source of non-native, non-natural bacterial organisms is being introduced that is foreign to our everyday existence.

   What the heck is a "tussie-mussie" seems appropriate to me, so let's give a gander at what we are talking about.

    Actually a tussie mussie is a tightly gathered bouquet of dried herbs and  flowers that is given to express a personal message to someone.  Originally the custom of giving a tussie-mussie was done in medieval times when fresh air was thought to be harmful.  The original tussie-mussie was actually a "nosegay" and literally was held to the nose to prevent infections but as we know from previous eblurbs to avoid the awful smell of neighbors and friends who only bathed yearly.

     Over time it became a necessity for every woman's wardrobe.  Today tussie-mussies are actually remnants of the Victorian era when gifts were handmade and "given from the heart".


       Olive Oil and Herbs Replace Olive Oyl and Popeye

        Guess I'm showing my age but sounded like a spiffy title if you are of my generation that loved Popeye defending Olive Oyl from Bluto/Brutus* ( See note below on the two names )

        Why do we blend fresh herbs with E.V. Olive Oil is often asked.  Let me bullet point you some answers:

*  EV ( Extra Virgin) Olive Oil has little flavor so you are not importing flavor to your already flavorful herb (s)
*  EVOO is one of your healthier oils with little transfat
*  EVOO acts as a preservative so you can enjoy the flavors of fresh herbs all year as the oils are retained within the olive oil
*  EVOO is not cloudy so the colors, patterns of the herbs can be seen in a glass jar.


   Today many of us enjoy having the fresh fragrances of potpourri in our homes and work places to enhance our overall enjoyment but did you know that originally it was a necessity?

     Castles were responsible for the creation and evolution of potpourri.  Castles were designed with narrow slit windows to prevent fire balls, arrows, stones etc from entering the castle and as a result the castle itself tended to be damp, dark and have a very undesirable musky smell throughout.  The rooms in the castle were often strewn with herbs so the inhabitants would have a delightful aroma in each room as they walked.  If not the rooms were very nasty smelling with that dusky smell which was offensive to most.  The herbs had to be swept up often as once the essential oils had evaporated then the herbs themselves starting decaying and became part of the problem.