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  Herbal AfterShave Lotion Recipe

  This recipe from Mountain Rose Herbs is definitely a men's herbal aftershave recipe because once you see the ingredients the man of your life will be confused on whether to splach on face or drink it!!!

    Aftershaves typically have a strong scent, but they do more than act as a cologne. Typically when Dad shaves, warm water is used to open the pores and soften the facial hair. Aftershaves can be used after the shaving process to tighten and tone the pores on the face. This can prevent dirt and oil from entering the pores. This aftershave recipe is anti-microbial to help keep razor cuts from becoming infected. Many thanks to Rosalee and for this recipe!


2 cups of witch hazel extract
1 ounce of rum
zest from one organic orange
1 organic cinnamon stick
3-5 organic cloves
3-5 organic whole allspice
1/2 teaspoon organic glycerin (optional)
1/2 teaspoon organic aloe vera (optional)
25 – 40 drops organic Bay West Indies essential oil
Pint Jar


Begin by grating the orange peel to get its zest. You can simply use a fine cheese grater. You want the orange part of the peel, not the white beneath. This usually yields about two tablespoons of orange. It’s fine if you have more or less than this. Once you have the zest, put it in your pint jar along with the cinnamon stick (you can break it up if you want), the cloves, and the allspice.

Next add the optional glycerin and aloe vera. These are great additions for men with especially sensitive skin. Add the rum – you can buy a small one ounce bottle from the liquor store. Fill the jar with witch hazel extract. This will be just under two cups. Finally add 25-40 drops of the bay west indies essential oil to your aftershave recipe. Cover the mixture with a tight fitting lid and shake well, then shake it well every day or so for 4 – 6 weeks.

Once the homemade aftershave is done, strain off the ingredients and put it in a dark colored bottle. This makes enough to fill two 8 oz bottles. Attach a label and now you have a wonderful gift for Dad!

For men who don’t shave, this homemade aftershave also works well as a cologne. If they have especially sensitive skin this mixture can be diluted with a little water just before application.


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