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Lamb's EarHere at HerbFest one of the best stories for the children coming to visit with Farmer Bob is the story of Lamb's Ear.  Of course we adults know it as Lamb's Ear...

  We allow the kids to touch the plant's leaves which immediately leaves them with the impression of what an actual lamb's ear feels like.  You should see those beautiful eyes of the kindergarteners through 4th grade kids come alive as they imagine a small lamb and stroking it's ear.  Next is the easy question when you ask how many of you have had a "boo-boo"?  As you might imagine it's generally 100% especially with the kindergarten.

    Well before there were bandaids people use to use plants for their bandaids.  They might be out in the woods trying to find food and get a cut.  They would have in their possession a few lamb's ears which they would use to wrap around the bleeding cut and also protect against further injury.  Many Moms would plant the lamb's ear plants in her garden for this very purpose however there was also another real importance of Lamb's Ear.


   Lamb's Ear is also regarded as a "Moonlight plant" in that when the moon beams come down the grey/white foliage of the plant reflects the light and if you are having to go outside the path would often be lined with Lamb's Ear plants.  It formed a pathway you could walk between to get to your destination.  This was important when the outhouse was located outside the main dwelling.   The child would wake up at night, have to go potty, and off he/she went following the path to the outhouse.  Well guess what was not invented then either?  If you guessed toilet tissue you are correct so when the child would finish "doing their duties" then right outside the door the toilet tissue was growing in the moonlight.  Yes our first toilet tissue was actually a plant and you know which plant it was now.

   As I said the kid's eyes light up only to be outdone by the teachers and parents escorting the daily tour to HerbFest!!!
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