Why Knot Garden with Germander? Historically most Knot gardens use either English or American Boxwoods in the design. One reason is the habit or natural design of the plant itself and the lower maintenance of a slow growing plant but we have a better idea

No Till GardenThe advantages of no-till gardening are many.
Dr. Milton Ganyard shares with us the many advantages of no-till gardening.

Helps to improve soil quality
Bolsters beneficial soil organisms, commonly know as Soil based organisms
Better weed control, Dr Ganyard had up to 90% fewer weeds, with proper mulching techniques.
Tiltth of the soil improves
Water and air infiltrate the soil more easily
Decreases soil compaction.
People practicing no-till methods, tended to have better yields and more crop production.

Getting StartedBob Johnson shares with a youth, just getting started with herbs. Growing herbs is like an addiction says Bob. Most people run out of land, before they run out of interest in growing herbs.