Top 5 Herbs Of Interest At HerbFest 2012 

As with each year of the annual Herbfest there are a few herbs that stand out for new uses and interest.   HerbFest 2012 was no different.  Click on each herb to learn more.

  The top 5 herbs of interest are:

1.   Cardoon
2.   Curry Plant

How To Cook With The Cardoon Plant

Click for Recipe for using the Cardoon, Cardune, Herb Plant

   The cardoon plant, cardune in French, is the most outstanding plant on the grounds of HerbFest.   Although most sources describe it as growing to 4-5 feet high, ours are generally 8 - 10 feet high with a generous stalk that when cut, could feed a small army.  If left alone this plant reseeds and you have a plethora of new cardoon plants each year.

See images here in this
video on the cardoon plants on our grounds.  These plants grew several feet after this video was filmed and were spectacular for HerbFest 2012.

Video on Best Lavender Herb Plant Varities For Warmer, Zone 7 + Climates

Video shows how to salvage a beautiful rosemary plant and grow new rosemary herb plants.

How To Kill Your Chive Herb Plants, and Ditto To Lettuces


        Each year at the annual HerbFest there are many people who replace chives annually, be it regular or garlic chives.  The typical comment will be “I killed my chives last year so I’m back for more”.  My response generally is “yes you must have because they are very hardy here in zone 7”.

       Typically upon inquiry it is found that the customer did as anyone would normally do and that is decide upon how many chive leaves are needed for the particular dish being prepared and cut accordingly. Example of this is the customer will go to the chives, cut down the leaf stalk until they have what is needed and then clip.  Nothing wrong with that and appears reasonable however now the chive has been stunted in its’ growth or possibly killed if in a drought condition during the summer.

        Chives should be cut at the base, not high up in the leaves themselves.  By cutting near the base that encourages the chive to “expand” it’s base area adding more leaves to the plant.  When the leaves are cut half way down it actually kills that leaf from the point cut to the base.  If the plant is stressing at all that can be the “final blow” to its existence.

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