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         Why Knot Garden with Germander? Historically most Knot gardens use either English or American Boxwoods in the design. One reason is the habit or natural design of the plant itself and the lower maintenance of a slow growing plant but we have a better idea use Germander.

Ground Cover, Hedge or Border

Germander is grown today as a ground cover but can also be a very attractive hedge or border plant. It grows to 18 inches, is a perennial in much of the U.S., and is very low maintenance. One of the problems with the boxwoods is if one plant is lost to disease it is often difficult to find a replacment once the plant has died. If you can find the replacement, but the plant is several years old, it will cost you a small dowry.

Advantages of Germander

Germander grows relatively fast, stays low, and is inexpensive. An entire flat ( 15 young plants ) of germander at the HerbFest is relatively cheap and by summer end you have an instant hedge row or knot garden. Germander also loves full sun and is drought tolerant.

Historical Uses

Historically germander was use a a treatment for gout in an herb blend. Not great deal of scientific data backing up the reason for the use other than by using germander it may have stopped people from consumption of food items that contributed to gout. Another example of the herb not necessarily being the beneficial plant but by consuming then the primary non healthy food items are not consumed without rendering any harmful effects by consuming germander.

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