Maybe it's pure coincidence or maybe it's just time to put 2 and 2 together.    I generally do not accept "conventional wisdom" as it's truly made up by "conventions", ie. people who have similar interests and similar biases congregating.  

    My fellow "Herbanites" are not conventional so let's point out something that needs clarity I think.   As many of you know we try to sell "non GMO" herbs, vegetables and edible flowers.   We do this because our customers generally enjoy raising good things for themselves and their families and do not mind the extra effort to cultivate and use ingredients in the growing that cause no harm as we understand harm. 

  Now on the flip side I despise seeing anyone use tactics to misinform or confuse or simply lie.   There are some in the "non-gmo" crowd who aren't' into science or health to people but are into their own political beliefs and power for themselves.   I just saw it plain and simple.

   What prompted it was each day I get multiple notices about herbs and growing and gmo and non gmo.

   Today it was a screaming headline about some study purporting that GMO was harming millions of people and proclaimed a study "proving" such.  I clicked and the study did not appear.  If true this would be something new.   I then went to the actual website to see if the site had a political bent or is truly out to seek the truth.   Not being able to find the original study I scrolled down and found this on 

Are GMOs feeding the world? 7 facts about hunger and poverty

     I then read this article to see if truly this is  myth.  You can draw your own conclusions but for me one way folks deceive others is to make a bold statement and then intersperse non related tidbits to weave a truth from non-truth.  This is a classic.  I'll use one example from this list of 7 but I could do it for every single tidbit offered by them. 

Fact 1 - "1 in 6 Americans are hungry from one of the largest agricultural countries that uses GMO's" ( paraphrased) -   What is the relation to GMOs and is hunger in America due to GMOs or is hunger in America due to food distribution, food being sold internationally,  govt policy of crop support or more importantly govt. mandating corn be used to comply with the ethanol requirements for "clean energy" or is hunger due to poverty, lack of money?   Or many more factors but what is the relationship of this statement to feeding the world with or without GMO seeds?  

   Simply stated there is hunger in the world but probably not related to hunger due to GMO crops and reality is hunger is reduced due to GMO crops.  That is the truth on hunger.  This article is replete with "facts" that are not such. 

   My conclusion:  I will always look for truthful information and take with a grain of salt information from those who are deceiving in the  information furnished.  

  To each his own but love to see thoughtful consideration based on facts, not biases or prejudices or for financial gain.  Also do not know the source of the image used but found the intent of the message to be appropro for this post.  Choose based on facts if one prefers to use non gmo foods.

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