Top 5 Herbs Of Interest At HerbFest 2012 

As with each year of the annual Herbfest there are a few herbs that stand out for new uses and interest.   HerbFest 2012 was no different.  Click on each herb to learn more.

  The top 5 herbs of interest are:

1.   Cardoon
2.   Curry Plant

3. Patchouli
4. Stevia
5. Lamb's Ear

    The gigantic cardoon plants across the front of HerbFest dominated discussion with the usual "what is that?" exclamations.   Many were surprised to see these 10 foot tall vegetable plants, with the unusual foliage dominating the landscape and not even 1 year old!!  The curry plant has always been referenced as an aromatic moonlight garden type plant with no culinary value, but were we surprised to discover the plant is very much part of the culinary armament of many cultures.  

   Patchouli always is a plant of interest simply because of it's strong aroma and medicinal uses.   We only get 24 to 48 plants per year for the diehards who come solely for this plant.   Our climate zone is 7/8, however Patchouli survives in 10 and above, so the plant is replaced annually if left outside.   Many choose to container it and save from year to year.

  Stevia is so popular now due to the concerns of excessive sugar so we have many inquiries on how to actually use the plant as a sugar substitute. 

  Lamb's Ear starts off with the kids listening to the stories of "the world's first band aid" followed by the "world's first toilet tissue" ( kids laugh and squeamish on that use!!).   After school the first thing from the kids to the parent is "let's go get that bandaid plant".    Ever so popular with teaching kids about the "benefical weeds".

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