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Local Or Organic Produce?

      The debate today is whether it's better to eat local produce that is "non organic" versus "organic produce" that is produced non locally.  

     The below video is a very short discussion on some of the arguments for and against.  

      To add to this discussion one should also consider that many of the diseases we see today appear to have a very strong connection to our body using the inflammatory reaction to foreigh pathogens.   Basically our body responds to foreign, non familiar, detrimental pathogens ( bacteria ) by responding with a reaction to create T cells specific to destroying the foreign body.    This process is known as "inflammatory" and is healthy if only for short time periods.   The overall health concern occurs when we daily introduce the pathogens into our body, often by food choices or preparation, and constantly keep the inflammatory process ongoing.  

      When we import non native bacteria from other lands into our diet we often stimulate that response.   Do it daily and one may have a chronic inflammatory condition which leads to weakening our immune system and allowing other diseases to become established which may harm our health.   Another argument to add to the discussion of eating local versus organic.   You make the call in your personal choices.

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