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Saffron - Crocus sativus - The World's Most Expensive Spice


   Saffron is the world's most expensive spice, last check it was
going around $3,000 per pound.  You can pick the precious bright
orange stigmas from your own garden each fall, dry them on absorbent
paper in a dark place, and store in a tightly-sealed, dark container away
from heat and light.

     Plant the corms in the fall in a well-marked spot in full sun and
soil that drains well, 4 " deep and 4-6" apart.  Once established
the corms can be lifted and divided every few years to increase the

   One of the reasons it is so expensive is you have a limited time
the crocus is open to remove the pestels/stigmas inside the flower,
which is the saffron.  In Europe a mass of people descend upon the crocus
fields early a.m. with tweezers to pluck the delicate threads before
the flower can close.  Very labor intensive.

   In cooking with saffron, use only a pinch at a time and follow
recipe instructions exactly, as a little is good but lots can be

   Now go plant and make a fortune!!

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