How To Plant Herb Plants In Your Garden That Were Organically Grown From Organic Seeds - Helpful Tips To Ensure Survival

How To Plant Your Herbs Once Home

   The fun part now begins so here are some tips to help you on planting your herbs.

1.      Crush the sides of the herb pot by simply breaking with a hammer, your foot, or pound.


2.      Once the dirt is broken away from the container then remove the plant root ball.

3.      Pull the roots away from the root ball and spread them.  This allows the roots to expand to more territory for food, water, air.

4.      Dig a hole about 1 inch lower than the root ball and put parts of the herb pot there and cover with dirt. 

5.      Hole should be about 2-3 times as wide as the root ball.

6.      Place the herb plant in the hole and fill up about 1/3rd up hole with planting medium, dirt or mulch.

7.      Put some of the remaining herb pot that you broke into the hole.  This allows for more air, water to pass over the roots and generally better growing conditions.

8.      Finish filling the hole, top of plant should be about ½ to 1 inch above ground level.  This for water drainage.


9.      Gently pat till firm and water the herb.




Herb Growing Tips:

1.        The pot is made of rice hulls and degrades over time.  Our experience has been takes about 2 years.


2.       DO NOT PLANT THE HERB IN THE GROUND WITH THE POT AROUND IT!!         That will cause the roots to actually strangle the plant and decreases possibility of plant surviving.  Spread the roots with your hands so grow horizontal from plant.


3.       Do not add any fertilizer.  Your best growth enhancer is to top dress with an organic mulch such as leaves or fine ground bark.


4.       When buying any plant look to see if the roots are extending outside the pot.  If so this is great sign the plant has a strong root structure.  It’s not what you see above the pot surface that is important to survivability; it’s the roots inside the pot that matter.


5.       Herbs get their nutrition from the area above the roots, not below them.  Water flows through the ground so the roots wait to be fed and what is important is a good natural organic mulch on the surface or within inch of ground. 


Herbs have been “hardened off” which simply means in most cases the herbs you bought at HerbFest have already been exposed to our climate.  The sides of the greenhouses have been lifted so the herbs are exposed to our temperatures, our sun, and wind.   This is why the herbs at HerbFest should surpass herbs from most other merchandisers.  We aim to make your experiences with our herbs
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