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                                                                        Drying Sweet Annie
Hi Herbanite Bob,


    Question for you. We purchased a plant at the HerbFest.   I believe it was called Sweet Annie.  It is has a camphor like scent and grows rather bushy. We had it in a corner of our garden and took up a lot of space once it grew. Where would you suggest planting it, and can you also tell me what type of herbal qualities it has?



Thanks Pam for question.

     Sweet Annie, Artemisia 'annua',   is actually an annual, meaning it will last one growing season then die.  It does seed itself though and a popular use of it is to take some of the branches to your friends and give them a branch as it's loaded with new seeds they can use for next year's plants.   The branches themselves can actually be dried and that fragrance will last for years.  Do not dig it up yet or destroy it as it's foliage will turn reddish-brown for a beautiful hue in the fall.   The branches are often used in wreaths, fresh or dried arrangements, and also in dry potpourri as a natural fragrance herb.

        We planted 2 or 3 of them this year and the one at our house is over 6 feet tall and has a diameter close to 8 feet.  I put it near a door so now have to walk through it to get my duck's corn each morning and hate it when has rained and wet as I get wet but rest of time what a delightful fragrance to brush against to start each day!!   It can actually be shaped, when growing,  into a Christmas tree topiary.


Herbanite Bob



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